Peter Matthews

Oil on Water marks the first feature film for Peter Matthews, and exposes both his creative and artistic vision.

Peter Matthews is Durban's most respected film and commercial director. He has conceptualised and directed many of his own commercials that have received award recognition both locally and internationally. 

During his time as partner and creative head of Matthews & Charter, Ogilvy & Mather ad agency, Peter began focussing on directing commercials.Since selling out his shares in the company to Ogilvy, he has directed for top brands including Barclays Bank, Doom, Ola Magnum, Toughees (Bata International), Omo(Unilever), Yamaha and Belgotex Carpets. Peter's creative ability and directing talent have won him a best concept Vuka award for Tidal Wave's Don't Forget ad, produced for the South African Alzeimer's Association, which was also a finalist at Cannes 2004. Peter is also a recognized artist, having exhibited his work both locally and internationally.

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