Elle Matthews

Elle Matthews is a seasoned commercials producer in South Africa and a screenplay writer.

Elle Mathews was born in South Africa and grew up in Pretoria. She has a background in Psychology, Drama, Journalism and Advertising.Elle has written two novels, a number of short stories and screenplay for cinema, including Oil on Water and a feature film currently in pre-production, Place of Purgatory.

When Elle started Title Wave Production in 1999, it was with the intention of developing the film industry in KwaZulu Natal to become a sustainable sector of the province's economy. The company has grown considerably, becoming KwaZulu Natal's biggest producer of local and international commercials by a long margin in 2004 and 2005.
Elle has been the Executive Producer on a number of Vuka commercials, including the Vuka award winning Alzheimer's commercial. Don't Forget, which was also a Cannes Finalist in 2004.

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